About Us

Our mission here at SeniorLife Health is to provide products that will help improve the quality of life for people as they age. We are committed to offering trustworthy, secure online shopping for natural health supplements that are specifically formulated to improve the quality of life.

SeniorLife Health provides seniors with low-cost alternatives to high cost prescription medicines. Our top-quality natural health supplements can improve your quality of life.

< b>SeniorLife Health is devoted to providing the highest quality nutritional formulas available to seniors that are in accordance with the latest research in nutritional science. We never compromise our quality when it comes to manufacturing nutritional formulas; many of which are designed by the world's leading authorities on health and nutrition. These highest-of-quality formulations can supercharge your energy, vitality, focus and well being. Improved nutrition and meaningful lifestyle changes can positively influence personal health.

Some of Our Company Goals:

  • To Change the Way People Utilize Holistic Living & Healing in Their Daily Lives
  • To Provide Information for Health Improvement through Natural Supplements
  • To Offer only Natural, Synthetic-Free, Chemical-Free Health Products.

Our Business Philosophy - Low prices with Excellent Value

Everything we sell is manufactured to our highest of standards, with extensive quality control and in-depth materials inspection. We offer you value, utilizing the power of the Internet in bringing you the best products at reduced prices.

When taking Natural Supplements : Time Is Required!

Natural supplements take a little longer to work. In order to gain the best performance, it’s important to take supplements consistently over a period of time. Especially when dealing with ailments that have developed over a period of time. So be patient and consistent. Diet and lifestyle is also an integral part of the healing process.

We Conduct Business in a Responsible Manner

All of our products are totally natural; no artificial fillers or chemicals are added. They are all manufactured in the U.S. under strict standards of clinical sterility and purity. Each lot is lab-assayed to ensure accurate concentrations and quality. And finally, so that you can feel confident in placing your orders, we offer the following assurances:

  • Our Guarantee: We will refund 100% of your purchase (not inc. shipping) within 90 days, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied.
  • Highest Security Available: In addition to a secure server, all information (such as credit card numbers) is encrypted and is protected with the best encryption software in the industry - SSL.
  • Privacy: In addition to shipping everything in plain packaging (these are health products, after all), we promise to not sell, give away, trade, or in any way distribute your name, phone number, address, or email address.