Triglyceride: Medical Conditions & Elevated Triglyceride

Triglyceride: Medical Conditions & Elevated Triglyceride

The most common risk factors for the development of high triglyceride are related to your lifestyle choices such as diet, activity level and weight. Other controllable risk factors are related excess alcohol consumption and smoking. However, there are other risk factors such as those attributes to other medical conditions that you should be aware of to completely understand your personal level of risk and how to best manage your health. Many of these contribute to the development of both higher cholesterol and triglyceride numbers, which in combination create a higher risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

Heredity is a risk factor that affects many people. Our genes play a role in how well our body processes, stores and uses triglyceride. Inherited lipid disorders can cause unusually high triglyceride and cholesterol numbers. One inherited condition causing elevated triglyceride is Familial Triglyceridemia, and this can cause triglyceride levels of up to 1000 mg/dL or greater in those affected, when a healthy level should be under 150 mg/dL. This disease also tends to cause abnormally low HDL and high LDL cholesterol. This disease is fortunately very rare, although many more people are affected by general heredity and other gene factors rather than specific inherited diseases.

Many medical conditions can directly or indirectly affect triglyceride level and lead to the development of heart disease. Diabetes can cause many dangerous health affects if not managed properly that include heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Kidney and liver diseases will also raise triglyceride as will hypothyroidism.

It is important if you have any of these medical conditions that you are seeking appropriate medical treatment and following your doctor’s recommendations for keeping your disease under control. This will help in the prevention of an elevated triglyceride count and reduce the potential of other medical issues associated with your disease.

You may encounter situations or acquire medical problems that require medications, and many types of medications can affect your triglyceride level. It is important to be aware of the potential side effects of these medications and how they may negatively impact your health.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is usually used for women to replace the female hormones lost after menopause. This can cause elevated triglyceride, as can birth control pills and the use of progesterone. If you are taking any of these, especially if in middle age, it is important to get cholesterol testing and a triglyceride test on a regular basis. Other medications that affect triglyceride count include beta-blockers, steroids and diuretics and water pills.

It is important to follow a heart healthy lifestyle aimed at lowering triglyceride level as well as your cholesterol ratio to avoid the dangers related to heart disease. This is especially true if you have any health conditions or are taking any medications known to be linked to elevated triglyceride.

For a lower triglyceride level, some natural triglyceride medicine formulas are the way to go! Cholesterol and triglyceride level can be determined with a triglyceride test. One option for a high triglyceride treatment is a natural triglyceride medication to achieve a normal triglyceride range.

This is more and more the choice for people that want to avoid dangerous prescription drugs with their nasty side effects. A elevated triglyceride level or a high triglyceride symptom needs to be trimmed. Reduce triglyceride numbers, control triglyceride counts and strive to reach a normal triglyceride level. High Cholesterol triglyceride is clearly not healthy.

For a low triglyceride level, or lowering triglyceride naturally, the best way is to take Cholesterol Complete to reducing triglyceride. This allows you to lower triglyceride naturally. It’s the right choice for high cholesterol hdl ldl triglyceride. Triglyceride reduction with 100% natural ingredients. Some information on triglyceride health; avoid potential side effects of lipitor triglyceride drugs (go natural!), in lowering triglyceride range, blood triglyceride will be much healthier for heart and circulation. Avoid high triglyceride metabolism. When triglyceride causes a blockage, the heart has to work harder. Elevated high level triglyceride means it’s time for triglyceride treatment.

Along with creating a healthy lifestyle, you can also take additional measures such as adding essential vitamins, minerals and supplements to your diet as well. This should include is Cholesterol Complete™ (click here to view), which will lower triglyceride naturally as well as create a healthier cholesterol ratio without the dangerous side affects associated with various prescription medications.

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