Triglyceride: Lower It Naturally

Triglyceride: Lower It Naturally

Triglyceride levels do tend to increase with age, just as cholesterol does, which is a risk factor none of us can avoid. Other unavoidable risk factors you may encounter are linked to sex, heredity, medications and various medical conditions. If you find that you are affected by several uncontrollable risk factors in addition to unhealthy lifestyle choices, this puts you at a much greater risk for the development of heart disease, heart attacks and strokes associated with a high triglyceride level. The more uncontrollable risk factors you have, the more important it is to take control of your health and create a healthier lifestyle.

There are many ways you can achieve a normal triglyceride level naturally. One way to do this is in adding foods to your diet that are effective in reducing triglyceride. A low-fat, high fiber diet that includes plenty of white meats, fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains will help you reduce your cholesterol and triglyceride level to a healthier count. A lower triglyceride count can also be obtained by reducing the amount of carbohydrates within your diet as well.

Cold water fish such as salmon and tuna have a proven triglyceride lowering affect and are also much healthier choices overall than red meats and other fatty animal products. These and other fish high in Omega-3 have the best triglyceride reduction benefits. You can also add a fish oil supplement to your diet for more of the same health benefits found in these types of fish. Get all of these Omegas in one! Omega 3-6-9 Complete™ (click here to view) is a comprehensive blend of Omega 3 Fish Oil, Borage Oil, and Organic Flax Seed Oil. This combination provides a unique balance of Omega-3 and Omega 6, plus Omega-9 and Vitamin E.

The Omega-3's and Omega-6 are necessary for the maintenance of your cardiovascular and nervous systems. Effective treatment for lowering cholesterol levels and promotes a healthier vascular system. Flaxseed oil is in this Omega 3-6-9 Complete formula and is another beneficial supplement you can take that has also been proven to be effective in reducing triglyceride counts.

Healthy living by eating well, getting regular aerobic exercise and limiting caffeine and alcohol are known ways to lower triglyceride and in turn lower your risk for related disease. Alcoholic drinks should be limited to only one to two per day as anything more causes high triglyceride and reduces how quickly your body can rid itself of blood triglyceride. Cigarettes should also be avoided, and you should concentrate on quitting as soon as possible if you are a smoker. Smoking raises triglyceride and cholesterol levels and is also linked to high blood pressure, which can also contribute to heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

Along with fish oil supplements and flaxseed oil, there are other natural supplements to help lower triglyceride and improve your health. Niacin is a triglyceride lowering drug you can get as a prescription from your doctor. Studies show that higher levels of niacin improve your triglyceride and cholesterol numbers and also succeed in inhibiting your body’s ability to make LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). While you can go to your doctor for a prescription, there are also many other over-the-counter choices as well as natural supplements containing niacin that offer the same health benefits.

Avoid high triglyceride levels. Lowering triglyceride level is an important issue. The cause of high triglyceride level, or a fluctuation triglyceride count, can be controlled with a niacin triglyceride formula plus other natural ingredients. Try Cholesterol Complete™ (click here to view), it provides fast, natural reduction of Triglycerides, guaranteed 100%!

For a lower triglyceride level, some natural triglyceride medicine formulas are the way to go! Cholesterol and triglyceride level can be determined with a triglyceride test. One option for a high triglyceride treatment is a natural triglyceride medication to achieve a normal triglyceride range.

This is more and more the choice for people that want to avoid dangerous prescription drugs with their nasty side effects. A elevated triglyceride level or a high triglyceride symptom needs to be trimmed. Reduce triglyceride numbers, control triglyceride counts and strive to reach a normal triglyceride level. High Cholesterol triglyceride is clearly not healthy.

For a low triglyceride level, or lowering triglyceride naturally, the best way is to take Cholesterol Complete to reducing triglyceride. This allows you to lower triglyceride naturally. It’s the right choice for high cholesterol hdl ldl triglyceride. Triglyceride reduction with 100% natural ingredients. Some information on triglyceride health; avoid potential side effects of lipitor triglyceride drugs (go natural!), in lowering triglyceride range, blood triglyceride will be much healthier for heart and circulation. Avoid high triglyceride metabolism. When triglyceride causes a blockage, the heart has to work harder. Elevated high level triglyceride means it’s time for triglyceride treatment.

An excellent cholesterol supplement that does include Niacin and many of the important other ingredients is Cholesterol Complete™ (click here to view). It’s a powerful all-natural formula that targets both types of cholesterol; LDL (low density lipoprotein) and HDL (high density lipoprotein). LDL is the cholesterol you should be most concerned with, it is the “bad” cholesterol that clogs arteries and raises blood pressure. HDL is the “good” cholesterol that helps remove LDL from the body and reduces the risks of heart attack and stroke. This formula can get results (often 40 pts. in 40 days!).

Your healthy living plan should include daily vitamin and mineral supplements to ensure you are getting everything your body needs. You should also include natural supplements that have been proven safe and effective in creating optimal health, including the above mentioned niacin, flaxseed oil and fish oil. Cholesterol Complete is another great addition to your health regimen and includes ten natural ingredients proven to lower LDL cholesterol and create a healthier cholesterol ratio as well as drastically lower triglyceride. All of these benefits are safe, all natural and highly effective over the potential harmful affects of prescription medications.

Triglyceride: Facts & Information

Triglyceride is the chemical form of fat found within foods as well as within the body. Anytime you eat more calories are needed for metabolism and are then retrieved from fat cells and released into the bloodstream to be used as a quick energy source when the body needs it. Hormones within the body regulate the release process. They also transport dietary fat for storage and conversion into an energy source. Triglyceride provides twice as much energy to the body as either carbohydrates or proteins.

High triglyceride in the blood is associated with the development of heart disease and atherosclerosis, which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Elevated triglyceride can also cause metabolic syndrome, which is also a risk for heart disease as well as diabetes and other medical conditions. There is a proven link between your cholesterol and triglyceride level, as often those that have a total high cholesterol count are also found to have a high triglyceride level as well. Also, those with high HDL (good) cholesterol levels tend to have a lower triglyceride level, while those with less HDL cholesterol tend to have a higher level of triglyceride.

If you’re total cholesterol count is high, your doctor will most likely perform additional tests to determine your cholesterol ratio of good cholesterol versus bad cholesterol and a triglyceride test to detect an elevated triglyceride level. It is just as important to keep a normal triglyceride level as it is keep your LDL and HDL cholesterol ratio in check and to lower your bad cholesterol. A normal or low triglyceride level is less than 150 mg/dL. A triglyceride count of 150-199 is considered borderline to high, while 200-499 means you have high triglyceride. If your triglyceride test shows numbers of 500 or more, you are at extremely high risk for heart disease, heart attack and stroke and other serious medical problems, especially if you also have high cholesterol.

Lowering triglyceride to safe levels is important for remaining healthy and preventing the health conditions associated with high triglyceride. It is important to adopt a healthy living lifestyle that includes a well-balanced, low-fat diet. Eating a diet low in carbohydrates will also help reduce triglyceride. Avoid cigarette smoking, excess use of alcohol and get the proper amount of exercise, as this will also help you achieve a normal triglyceride level. You can succeed in lowering triglyceride naturally by taking niacin as well as supplements proven to lower triglycerides and LDL cholesterol such as Cholesterol Complete.

This is a safe, effective and natural alternative to prescription triglyceride medication, which often has dangerous side effects. An excellent cholesterol supplement that does include many of the important ingredients is Cholesterol Complete™ (click here to view). It’s a powerful all-natural formula that targets both types of cholesterol; LDL (low density lipoprotein) and HDL (high density lipoprotein). LDL is the cholesterol you should be most concerned with, it is the “bad” cholesterol that clogs arteries and raises blood pressure. HDL is the “good” cholesterol that helps remove LDL from the body and reduces the risks of heart attack and stroke. This formula can get results (often 40 pts. in 40 days!). Take the natural approach!

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