TOP 10 Home Improvements for Seniors

TOP 10 Home Improvements for Seniors

Most aging Americans prefer to age at home and often end up receiving home care in their own homes. For this purpose some home improvements and modifications need to be taken up so as to have a sound, safe and secure home suitable for aging adults especially for those who are 65 and above. The following are some easy home improvement tips to make your surroundings safer as to age “in place”:

The top 10 Home Improvements reported in a recent AARP survey where:

  1. Adding Levered Doorknobs to all Doors (easier to open)
  2. Grab bars in all Bathrooms (extra support and aid).
  3. Levered faucets in kitchen & washroom sinks (easy use of Kitchen faucet).
  4. Handrails on both sides of stairwells and also on front and rear steps (security and support).
  5. Sturdy Grab bars in showers; also removal of any door threshold where possible (ease of use and safety).
  6. Adjustable movable shower heads for those who must sit (easier shower use).
  7. Portable shower seats for sitting (safety and ease of use).
  8. A bathroom with a bath/shower as well as a bedroom on the first floor (avoid falls)
  9. Widened doors to accommodate possible walkers or wheelchairs.
  10. Ramps in and out of house for those using walkers and wheelchairs.

Also, have pathways that are brightly lit, uncluttered and clear. Also all walkways, hallways, stairwells, bathrooms and areas for dispensing medicine must be brightly lit. Some night lights can be used.

The change in levels within the house should be kept at a minimum for ease of movement. Non-slip flooring can be installed in the entryways. The master bedroom and bathroom should be on the first floor whenever possible. Give due consideration to this is where you will live and spend most of your time.

Emergency preparedness and first aid kits should always be in an accessible place and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors need to be installed. There should be no carpeting, loose electrical cords, throw rugs or any appliances sticking out into the pathways.

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