Ten Healthy Ideas to Get More Out of This Year

Ten Healthy Ideas to Get More Out of This Year

The beginning of a new year has always been a time for looking back to the past, and more importantly, looking forward to the possibilities of the upcoming year. This is the perfect time to determine the changes we want to make and ratchet up the resolve to follow through on those changes. Were your New Year resolutions some of these popular ones? Here are 10 healthy ideas to jump start your year:

1. Spend More Time with Family & Friends
Recent polls show that more than half of all Americans vow to reconnect with those that are important to them and want to spend more time with them this upcoming year. Start now by making plans to meet up with family and friends for an evening out; somewhere that you can spend time sharing the time and place.

2. Better Fitness
We all know that regular exercise is the most beneficial thing you can do for your personal health. Studies have shown that it increases longevity, helps achieve and maintain weight loss, enhances mood, lowers blood pressure, and even improves arthritis. Get off the couch and take a walk or go on a leisurely hike!

3. Weight Loss
More than 2/3 of adult Americans are considered overweight, so it is not surprising to see this on most people’s list. The hardest part is to set reasonable goals and to stay focused. Gym attendance records show they reach their annual high records in January. Begin your new year by holding off on those fries, and getting to the gym instead.

4. Quitting Smoking
On average, for a smoker to quit smoking they usually try about four times before they actually quit for good. If you smoke, make this the year you will follow through. There are many local support groups and cessation classes to help you enjoy the rest of your smoke-free life. Do it not just for yourself, but for those that care about you.

5. Enjoy Life More
Given the stressful lifestyles of today, lowering stress has become a popular resolution in recent years. It's an important step to a more satisfying and longer life. Make this the year to try something new that helps eliminate stress. Take up a new hobby or try that one thing you’ve always wanted to ‘someday’. That ‘someday’ is today!

6. Quit Drinking
The New Year is a great time to tackle all manners of substance abuse. The road is a long one, however, and often requires assistance through counseling and various aids. Your renewed connection with your family and friends can help you through the process.

7. Lower or Eliminate Your Debt
Money problems are a big cause of stress for many people. With the economy beginning its journey to back to health, join the millions who have resolved to spend this year getting their own finances back in shape. It's a promise that will repay itself many times over in the year ahead. 

8. Learn Something New
Are you considering a career change? To learning another language? Or just how to fix your computer? Whether you take a course or read a book or seek help, you'll find education to be one of the easiest, most motivating New Year's resolutions to keep. Your local community colleges and community centers offer many interesting possibilities. 

9. Get Organized
One thing that can help with these other goals in your life is getting a handle on your personal organization. Organizing your home can make it easier to invite someone over on a whim. Organizing your office can help you better track your finances. Adding more structure to your life will free up time for your other goals.

10. Give Back To Others
This resolution looks outward, rather than inward. Volunteerism may involve helping out at your local library, mentoring a child, or donating your time to those less fortunate. There are a multitude of nonprofit volunteer organizations that could use your help. Giving of yourself for the benefit of others can help all the other resolutions come to fruition. 

Good luck with your New Year’s list of goals. This can be your best year ever!

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