Men's Health: What's Important?

What's Important?

These days, there is more and more information about the importance of men's health. Regular checkups, exercise and a healthy diet are essential for men to maintain long term health. Unfortunately, a number of men don't recognize that it's necessary for them to see a doctor each year. The fear of the momentary discomfort or embarrassment of a prostate exam or conversation about impotence deters a lot of men.

At the forefront of men's health is prostate health. The prostate is walnut-sized and produces seminal fluid. After 40, a man should have a digital rectal exam (DRE) every year to rule out prostate infections, an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer. He might also be required to have a prostate specific antigen (PSA) test to check PSA levels in the blood. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in the US today. If a man has high PSA levels, his doctor will recommend repeated testing, and if he continues to have high PSA readings, he will have to undergo further testing. Usually, a prostate infection or enlarged prostate can be treated with medications and lifestyle changes, but in rarer cases prostate surgery is required. A comprehensive product that does work at building prostate health and fighting off prostate cancer is Prostate Health Essentials (click here to view). It contains 18+ natural ingredients that have been shown to support prostate health. This easy-to-take daily supplement provides excellent all-around prostate health.

Also, blood pressure should be checked yearly. If a man has high blood pressure, he is at risk for a number of health problems like stroke, heart attack and kidney disorders. There aren't often symptoms of high blood pressure, which makes careful monitoring crucial. Many times, having a healthy diet and enough exercise will keep regulate a man's blood pressure. If he suffers from high blood pressure, medication or natural blood pressure supplements could help. For blood pressure and circulation issues, get fast relief and control with 14+ Herbs that lower your blood pressure, naturally. A proven, powerful supplement formulated with over 14+ ingredients that assist in getting your readings into the normal blood pressure range.

Now, a high percentage of health care practitioners are recommending natural nutritional support, drug-free supplements and wellness lifestyle changes both work as the first line of defense in prevention and treatment of high blood pressure. A leading formula, Blood Pressure Naturals™ (click here to view), uses 14+ Herbs and natural ingredients to help you avoid risk and overcome hypertension. The herbs have shown positive effects in the treatment and control of high blood pressure.

A blood test to determine a man's cholesterol level is also necessary as he ages. High cholesterol is extremely dangerous, as it accumulates in blood vessels and can eventually block them. This can cause stroke or heart attack. The good news is that often a man can lower his cholesterol with changes in diet and exercise, or take natural supplements to regulate cholesterol.

An excellent cholesterol supplement that does include many of the important ingredients is Cholesterol Complete™ (click here to view). It’s a powerful all-natural formula that targets both types of cholesterol; LDL (low density lipoprotein) and HDL (high density lipoprotein). LDL is the cholesterol you should be most concerned with, it is the “bad” cholesterol that clogs arteries and raises blood pressure. HDL is the “good” cholesterol that helps remove LDL from the body and reduces the risks of heart attack and stroke. This formula can get results (often 40 pts. in 40 days!).

Another common disease in men is diabetes. In fact, over 10 million men suffer from diabetes in the US, so prevention and early detection is obviously an important part of men's health. Diabetes occurs when your body doesn't naturally produce enough insulin, which breaks down sugars.

Men should also monitor their sexual health regularly. Sexually transmitted diseases are common, so he should ask his doctor to test for HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital warts and herpes if he is sexually active. In addition, men should talk to their doctors if they are suffering from sexual dysfunction or impotence. Not only is this frustrating for a man, but it could be an indication that he has a prostate condition or other health problem.

Finally, a lot of men have ulcers, which are tiny sores in the small intestine or stomach. Symptoms of ulcers are stomach upset and heartburn. Ulcers can be very painful, and cause repeated discomfort. If a man is diagnosed with ulcers, he needs to take medication, and watch his diet and alcohol intake.

Natural Supplements Support Longevity

Although there is no fountain of youth, there are ways that you can increase your life span and inner and outer health. All around us, there are things that contribute to aging: the air we breathe, the foods we eat, and the lifestyle choices we make. Certain supplements and herbs can help your body fight the effects of aging.

Free radicals do a lot of damage to the body – they are found in everyday pollutants, cigarettes, or particular foods. Free radicals destroy molecules in the body, and prevent normal functioning. Anti oxidants help combat these effects, and are found in beta carotene, vitamin E, selenium, and Vitamin C. These vitamins and minerals are found in many foods: carrots and leafy green vegetables are great sources of beta carotene, while shellfish and garlic are rich sources of selenium. Vitamin E and C are found in a number of fruits and vegetables. Also, these free radical fighting vitamins and minerals also come in supplement form – either as an anti oxidant supplement or as part of another multivitamin.

Standard Multivitamins may no longer meet your specific needs! Men’s Multi 45 Plus Daily Essentials™ (click here to view) is a vitamin/mineral formula designed to supplement the nutritional needs of Men age 50 years and over. It contains an increased dosage of zinc for prostate health, a digestive enzyme complex for digestion, and highly absorbable Vitamin and Mineral forms.

Vitamins are essential for healthy living. Our blend includes Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, & E, Calcium, Iron, and Manganese, Chromium, Boron and Selenium. You get these Vitamins in one amazing blend that you would normally find in more than a dozen different supplements. This one supplement contains 45+ essential nutrients that are necessary for your growth, vitality, and general well being. All in one formulation! This special blend is designed to help maintain high energy levels and provide you with all the vital nutrients you need.

Many herbs are great for protecting the body, and contributing to longevity as we grow older. Echinacea can strengthen the immune system, and may prevent colds and flu, which can be hard on the body. Feverfew is often used by those who suffer from arthritis or migraine headaches.

Garlic is a popular choice for people with high cholesterol, and can lower blood pressure. It's possible to buy garlic pills with no scent, which the people around you may thank you for! Omega 3 supplements are essential for brain and heart health. They might prevent coronary disease, and increase brain function. Omega 3 is found in fish such as salmon, but many people don't get enough of it.

As people get older, mental alertness and memory can begin to decrease. Natural supplements can help a lot with these mental functions. Many people utilize supplements for that “natural glow” they had in their younger years. Over time, skin begins to loosen and sag, but vitamin E and B, and anti-oxidants can drastically improve the look of lines and sun spots. Anti oxidants can also refresh facial skin and allow new skin to come to the surface.

Along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, natural supplements can greatly promote longevity, and help people lead a higher quality life. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, and protein is an ideal way to prevent heart disease and regulate cholesterol. You should keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum – no more than one drink twice a week – and if you smoke, quit.

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