Infections & Prostatitis

Infections & Prostatitis

When a man's prostate becomes irritated and inflamed from an infection, it is either caused by bacteria, or another unknown source. In fact, doctors aren't sure what causes 95% of prostate infections. The prostate is part of the male reproductive system, surrounds the urethra, and produces seminal fluid. Prostate infections -- or prostatitis -- are a common problem for men aged 30-50, but also occurs in older men.

Prostate infections can be chronic or acute, meaning they come on suddenly and respond effectively to treatment, or they are recurring and cause constant discomfort and pain. The bacterial causes vary: it can be from fungi or genital viruses, or e coli. In rare instances, it is caused by staphylococcal or streptococcal organisms. As bacteria moves through the urethra, it comes in contact with the prostate and causes prostatitis.

The symptoms of a prostate infection are pain in the genital area, during urination, urinating more frequently, and suddenly having the urge to urinate. If you have symptoms such as fever or chills along with these prostatitis symptoms, see your doctor right away as this could be a sign of a much more serious prostate infection. Sometimes, a man will suffer from a decreased sex drive and impotence if he has prostatitis.

If you suspect you have prostatitis symptoms, your physician will do a digital rectal exam (DRE). During this prostate exam, the physician will be able to feel a tender and enlarged prostate. The doctor might also recommend a prostate specific antigen (PSA) test, which measures PSA levels in the blood. This test could show a more serious problem such as prostate cancer or prostate enlargement. A urinalysis will also be performed, to measure the amount of bacteria.

In the case of chronic prostatitis symptoms caused by bacteria, the physician will take three separate urine tests after performing prostatic massage to release seminal fluid. An ultrasound might be scheduled to rule out lumps or other abnormalities on or around the prostate. If the prostate infection becomes severe, your doctor may use a catheter to clear obstructions.

Your physician will probably prescribe medication for prostate infections, along with other treatments like prostatic massage, muscle relaxants, and other relaxation techniques. Men with prostate infection and prostate problem symptoms are often very depressed, and stress can make a prostate infection worse. Learning how to calm the body can be a great treatment for prostatitis. Over the counter pain medications can usually be used for pain and discomfort.

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It's essential that you follow up with your doctor on a regular basis if you have a prostate infection. He or she can determine when it is completely gone, and keep treating your prostatitis if it recurs. You many have to go for weekly prostate drainage at your doctor's office, or if medication doesn't work, undergo prostate surgery. Once your prostate infection has been treated, your doctor will recommend that you stay away from activities that could irritate your prostate and cause another infection: horseback riding, jogging and cycling. Physicians don't believe that prostate infections and prostatitis lead to an increased risk of prostate cancer or other prostate complications.

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