How to Live 100 Years

How to Live 100 Years

A century of life was once a rare thing, but no more. Science is slowly learning the secrets of the centenarians With new medical advances, exceeding the age of 100 years old is within reach for many people. By 2050, America will have over a million centenarians. It is possible that you are on your way to 100 years.

This longer life expectancy is swelling the ranks of those over age 65. It's those over age 85, in particular the centenarians born in the late 1800s, who have lived through the 1918 flu pandemic, the Great Depression and both world wars, the first airplanes and cars, the moon landings and all of today’s amazing breakthroughs that researchers find so interesting.

Today’s centenarians not the frail, ailing, housebound people you might expect. Rather, most of them are mentally alert and relatively free of disabilities and are still active members of their communities. They may simply represent a new model of aging, one that health experts are hoping more of us can emulate both to make our lives fuller and to ease the inevitable health care burden that our longer-lived population will impose in coming decades.

Most people today suffer chronic diseases that generally appear later in life, conditions such as heart disease, stroke and dementia. Centenarians instead appear to be quite able to avoid such maladies. They appear to draw on some internal reserve that allows them to bounce back from any health problems and remain relatively healthy until their final days.

Many have studied such individuals, hoping to unlock the secrets to their extreme seniority. Those analyses, however, have generally followed two separate if parallel tracks. The New England Centenarian Study, has identified several behavioral and personality traits that seem to be critical to longevity, including not smoking, being extroverted and easygoing and staying lean.

Steps toward 100

· Live an active life, both mentally and physically. Don’t be obsessed about your health, but be sure to exercise. Walking, golf, or swimming - anything is helpful. Use a program of stretching to maintain flexibility and lift weights to prevent osteoporosis.

· Stay married. Studies have demonstrated that married people live longer than those on their own.

· Maintain an ideal weight. Being overweight you will limit the chances of exceeding the age of 100 years. Drink in moderation and do not smoke.

· Have good genes. The ability to live an extremely long life appears to be hereditary and might be based on genetic and environmental factors. If you have a brother or sister that is older than 100 years it is more likely that you will, too.

· Eliminate stress that is not necessary in your life because can shorten your life. If you find your job satisfying, that also will help to prolong your life. If you are retired do something that will give meaning and a greater sense of purpose to your life.

· Activities that will make you think and those that are involving social interactions, such as bridge, chess, music, educational courses or your children's life management are essential to you.

· Avoid stressing yourselves at negative events. These thoughts can trigger physical responses, such as an increase in the amount of adrenaline that can affect the body for many years. A positive attitude can prolong life and can make it more enjoyable.

Doctors always urge us to eat well, get enough exercise and stay intellectually active as we age. None of those things guarantees that we will live a hundred years, but they do help ensure that if we're lucky enough to get there, we'll be well enough not to waste them.

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