Hawthorne Berry Can Provide Relief

Hawthorne Berry Can Provide Relief

Hawthorne is a thorny shrub native to Europe and North America, and a member of the rose family. The Native Americans Greeks, and Irish have relied on it for centuries as a medicinal herb. Hawthorne has been shown to be an effective treatment for heart disease and hypertension. It is frequently prescribed for heart disease and high blood pressure in many parts of Europe.

Historically, hawthorne was utilized as a diuretic and also to treat kidney stones. In the late 1800’s, doctors found the benefits of hawthorn for the heart. Using the flowers and leaves to make an extract, they found improvement in cardiac output and the contractility of the heart muscle. Hawthorne contains flavonoids, which have demonstrated an ability to increase blood flow in the heart by dilating blood vessels in coronary arteries. 

The history of hawthorn is fascinating. Hawthorne is considered a lucky plant in China, especially when worn during weddings. In Europe during medieval times, it was considered an unlucky plant. The legend was that death would come to members of the household if hawthorne branches were brought inside. When the first Pilgrims came to America they christened their ship The Mayflower after using Hawthorn wood to make parts of the vessel. The Romans and Greeks saw hawthorn as a source of happiness and hope. 

According to Christian faith, it was hawthorn that was used in Jesus Christ's crown of thorns. Many people believed for centuries that lightning, considered the work of the devil, would never strike a hawthorne bush, because it had been upon the head of Christ.

For many centuries in England, a poultice, or a warm medicinal mush placed under a bandage, was created using crushed fruit or leaves. This was done for the drawing power it created to remove thorns and splinters for centuries. Native Americans believed that hawthorne was useful for rheumatism and heart problems. 

Hawthorne contains many components which, together, benefit the heart and body. The herb can strengthen the heart and arteries. It appears to work on the heart muscle to make it work more efficiently and effectively. In some cases, it may even help a damaged heart. 

Hawthorne contains mild sedative properties, which can be of benefit when heart issues are due to stress and and insomnia. It has been used to treat and prevent arteriosclerosis, rapid or weak heartbeat, enlarged heart, angina, and even breathing difficulties due to a lack of oxygen in the lungs. 

It helps lower blood pressure by dilating surface blood vessels, both coronary vessels, and vessels of the brain, therefore increasing circulation and the transport of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. In strengthening outer blood vessels, it can increase circulation and help increase warmth in cold hands and feet.

Antioxidants in hawthorne berries are substances that destroy "free radicals," Free radicals are damaging, naturally occurring particles that are byproducts of our bodies. Factors such as xposure to radiation, cigarette smoke, air pollution and some medications can increase the amount of free radicals in our bodies. The hawthorn berry destroys many types of free radicals, but are most effective in targeting the free radicals in the heart and capillaries.
One of the most positive facts about hawthorne is its safety. This herb is believed to be safe for long-term use without side effects.

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