Get Your LDL Down, Your HDL Up!

Get Your LDL Down, Your HDL Up!

Heart disease is the number one cause of early death among those living in developed nations, such as the United States, and high cholesterol is a main contributor to the development of heart disease. There are many reasons why you may develop high cholesterol that you do not have control over that include age, sex and heredity. However, the number one cause of high cholesterol is in the foods we choose to eat. A diet high in cholesterol and the saturated fats found in meats and other animal products is the main cause of high cholesterol and heart attacks and is completely controllable by making healthy eating choices with a low fat, high fiber diet.

It is best to avoid red meats, such as hamburger, steaks, bacon and sausage, as much as possible and to consume no more than two to three servings of red meat per week. Chicken, turkey and fish are much healthier alternatives. Fish rich in oils also have the additional benefit of raising your good (HDL) cholesterol levels while lowering bad cholesterol and it is recommended you consume 1 ounce of fish oil per day for maximum benefit. Examples of fish high in fish oils include mackerel, herring and sardines. If you do not care for fish, there are many great natural fish oil supplements on the market today which will provide the same benefit of lowering LDL cholesterol and raising HDL cholesterol levels.

Get all of these Omegas in one! Omega 3-6-9 Complete™ (click here to view) is a comprehensive blend of Omega 3 Fish Oil, Borage Oil, and Organic Flax Seed Oil. This combination provides a unique balance of Omega-3 and Omega 6, plus Omega-9 and Vitamin E. The Omega-3's and Omega-6 are necessary for the maintenance of your cardiovascular and nervous systems. Effective treatment for lowering cholesterol levels and promotes a healthier vascular system.

Another way to create a better cholesterol ratio is by consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables. You should consume at least three to four servings of each every day. Fresh fruits and vegetables provide the most cholesterol lowering benefit, although cooked, steamed and canned vegetable are also healthy choices. Beans in any variety should be included into your diet as much as possible as they are known for their ability to lower cholesterol and create a healthier cholesterol ratio. Add what are known as super foods to your diet as well. These are foods known to not only lower cholesterol but also decrease your risk of cancer and other diseases. These include garlic, onions, active low-fat yogurt, tea, oat bran and raw carrots.

Potatoes are included as a healthy vegetable to help control your cholesterol level and are best if baked or dry heated. You should avoid fried potatoes as well as any other fried foods and instead opt for foods that are baked, steamed, broiled, grilled or poached. If you do decide to fry food, use healthier alternatives to fry with such as soy sauce, lemon juice or a small amount of water rather than frying with oils. You can also lower your cholesterol naturally by adding plenty of brown rice and whole grain breads and pastas to your diet. Be sure to increase your vegetable portions and decrease your meat portions for every meal to ensure a healthier food balance and proper nutritional intake.

Other foods that contribute to high cholesterol include other animal products such as milk and cheese as well as sauces and condiments made with animal products. Skim milk has as much as fifteen times less fat than low-fat milk and is the healthiest choice. You should also consume only low-fat cheeses, low-fat butter or spreads, and sauces made from a water base rather than butter and milk. Also, avoid processed foods, as they tend to be high in saturated fats as well as salt, which contribute to high blood pressure. Your best bet when grocery shopping is to check all labels for saturated fat content and make low-fat food choices. Saturated fat is sometimes listed on food labels as hydrogenated fat but is essentially the same and should be avoided.

Making a conscious effort to choose a heart healthy, cholesterol-lowering diet is your best bet in creating and maintaining healthy cholesterol numbers and the appropriate cholesterol ratio. You should also take advantage of the additional benefit of multivitamins and health supplements proven to lower cholesterol naturally. Cholesterol Complete is an excellent example of a natural and safe way to create a normal cholesterol level and contains a mixture of all natural substances such as policosanol proven to reduce high cholesterol as well as high triglyceride levels to prevent the development of heart disease related health problems. Cholesterol Complete™ (click here to view) is a powerful all-natural formula that targets both types of cholesterol; LDL (low density lipoprotein) and HDL (high density lipoprotein). LDL is the cholesterol you should be most concerned with, it is the “bad” cholesterol that clogs arteries and raises blood pressure. HDL is the “good” cholesterol that helps remove LDL from the body and reduces the risks of heart attack and stroke. This formula can get results (often 40 pts. in 40 days!).

Cholesterol: Raising HDL Cholesterol

HDL stands for high density lipoprotein and is a complex molecule made up of a mixture of protein, lipids (fats) and cholesterol. It is what is known as good cholesterol. Your good versus bad cholesterol ratio is actually a much better indicator about your risk for heart disease, arthrosclerosis, heart attack and stroke that you’re LDL (bad) cholesterol level alone. In fact, even if your LDL cholesterol level is within normal limits, physicians now know that a low HDL cholesterol level itself can indicate higher risk for heart disease and the possibility of premature death.

Arthrosclerosis is the narrowing of the body’s arteries due to the plaque buildup. This can greatly restrict the blood flow and needed oxygen from being properly distributed throughout the body, including that which is needed by all of your organs. HDL protects you from cholesterol building up on arterial walls, which in turn aids in preventing arthrosclerosis and reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. It is also thought to remove plaque buildup that may have already accumulated within the arteries. It is then transported to the liver where it can be disposed of with bile.

The average man has between 40 to 50 mg/dL of HDL within the blood, and the average woman has 50 to 60. Anything below 40 for males or below 50 for women is known to increase the incidence of heart disease and heart attacks, even with a healthy, low LDL cholesterol level. Those with low HDL also tend to have high blood triglycerides, which is another known risk factor for heart disease and strokes. This makes it just as important to raise your HDL cholesterol count as it is to lower your LDL cholesterol count.

Your doctor can perform cholesterol testing to determine your HDL cholesterol level as well as your total cholesterol to hdl cholesterol ratio. This number is highly indicative of your chance of acquiring heart disease and its associated medical risks. The higher you’re HDL cholesterol and the lower your LDL cholesterol, the better your cholesterol numbers will be with the lowest ratio. The average person’s cholesterol HDL ratio is around 4.5, though anything over 4 is considered elevated. You optimally want to have a cholesterol reading ratio under 4, with it being best to achieve a 2 or 3.

Your good cholesterol level can be affected by many factors. One of these is heredity as naturally high or low HDL cholesterol can run in families. Type II Diabetes Mellitus can also affect cholesterol numbers and will lower HDL. Other causes of a low good cholesterol level are smoking, obesity, inactivity and eating a high amount of sweets and sugary foods. People that are very lean and exercise on a regular basis tend to have a higher level of HDL cholesterol. The female hormone estrogen also helps to keep HDL levels higher while testosterone tends to lower HDL, so women on average naturally have higher levels of good cholesterol than men.

You can achieve and maintain the needed higher levels of HDL cholesterol for optimal health by creating a regular exercise program that should include plenty of aerobic exercise such as jogging, walking and biking. A high fiber diet full of fruits, vegetables and oats will also improve your HDL cholesterol numbers. A low-fat diet is also recommended for not only increasing HDL but reducing LDL cholesterol levels as well. If you smoke, you should try to quit as soon as possible avoiding its impact on HDL levels as well as the other potential health risks associated with smoking.

There is no currently known cholesterol medication that will raise good cholesterol. However, studies have shown that a high intake of niacin will raise your HDL cholesterol level. With high levels of niacin, cholesterol hdl ratio will greatly improve. It is also recommended that you add multivitamin and other needed minerals on a daily basis to ensure maximum health. Additionally, there are many natural herbs and supplements, such as Cholesterol Complete™ (click here to view), that have been proven safe and effective in reducing LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels while improving HDL cholesterol without the dangerous side effects of most LDL cholesterol lowering medication prescribed by your doctor.

There is an easy way to lower cholesterol triglyceride levels. If you have a high cholesterol level, if you do desire a low cholesterol level, a normal cholesterol level can now be yours! This is a 100% natural cholesterol treatment for lowering cholesterol, lowering LDL cholesterol level (bad cholesterol) & triglycerides lets you raise cholesterol HDL ratio and the HDL cholesterol. Reduce cholesterol with a natural high cholesterol medication! This cholesterol medicine will give good cholesterol test results. A low cholesterol count means a longer healthier life.

How to lower bad cholesterol? Some cholesterol drugs and pharmacy cholesterol lowering drugs have bad side effects. Avoid them! That’s why cholesterol information on how to do it with herbs and lower cholesterol naturally is important. Reducing cholesterol to a good cholesterol level is imperative.

An excellent cholesterol supplement that include many important natural ingredients is Cholesterol Complete™ (click here to view). It’s a powerful all-natural formula that targets both types of cholesterol; LDL (low density lipoprotein) and HDL (high density lipoprotein). LDL is the cholesterol you should be most concerned with, it is the “bad” cholesterol that clogs arteries and raises blood pressure. HDL is the “good” cholesterol that helps remove LDL from the body. You’re supporting healthy cholesterol with 100% natural approach!

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